Tableau Public Premium Goes Free

The graphics and data visualization department of the FanGraphs family have received a significant overhaul in recent months, largely due to the majority of the staff utilizing Tableau. Our own Bradley Woodrum wrote up an extensive and easy-to-read guide on how to take advantage of the program and it more than warrants another read thanks to Tableau Premium being available for free.

Via press release, Tableau announced their Public Premium features are now free for everyone. Boasting the ability to chart 10 million rows of data, 10 GB of storage and the option for creators to keep their own work private or public. Director for Tableau Public, Ben Jones had this to say on the topic:

For people around the world, Tableau Public is the go-to place to create and share public data visualizations. Two years ago we expanded Tableau Public’s analytics capabilities from 100,000 rows to a million rows. We’re so excited to be expanding tenfold again, and we can’t wait to see the stories that people will tell and share.

For a first-hand look at what Tableau can show, both Sean Dolinar and Owen Watson at FanGraphs have data visualization skills that far outpace my own. Count on seeing plenty more descriptive charts, interactive tables and beautiful graphics throughout the FanGraphs family, and with the welcome addition of free premium features, perhaps more beautiful and informative Tableaus will pop up on all kinds of sports web sites.

(Header image via Wikipedia)

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