Robot Cheerleaders Introduced In Japan

Well, here’s something new to the world of sideline cheering: robot cheerleaders. This is actually rather cool, considering that they’re ROBOT CHEERLEADERS and they could probably shoot fireworks from their backs at some point. Probably a fire hazard, but you know, it’s a possible thing.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

At a demonstration in Tokyo, a troupe of 10 of the robots moved around in unison to form circles, squares and heart formations, to the bouncy accompaniment of J-pop music.

There’s a lot of possibilities with robot cheerleaders, I think, especially something that would lead to more robotics in sports. Not necessarily robot umpires, though that’s always a possibility, but robot vendors. Who wouldn’t want their beer being served by robots? Each robot being able to bring you beer on tap right to your seat. Robot cheerleaders that can throw hot dog sandwiches out into the crowd. This is a thing that this technology can provide for fans.

It could raise debate over the “human element” being destroyed in games, but it’s also something that moves society into a futuristic, Jetsons-esque lifestyle that, if I’m being completely honest here, is kind of completely cool. Now if only someone would make that hoverboard a real thing.

(Header by Takahiro Kyono)

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9 years ago

“Who wouldn’t want their beer being served by robots?”
If I want a functional experiece, I can have it at home and save money. The ballpark atmosphere, to which vendors contribute, is one of the reasons I attended 28 games so far this year.

Also, robot cheerleaders wouldn’t be cost effective even if they didn’t create liability concerns. There are plently of local college girls willing to do the job for minimum wage.

9 years ago

Sure, it sounds cool. But just wait until they reach self-awareness…